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Lily & Ouk Eat Food is a blog that follows the food adventures (I hate that term) of two people, Lily and Ouk. It’s a terrible name, but it’s our terrible name. No food puns here. Like, Feeding Thyme.

We are two born and bred Sydney-siders who moved down to Canberra and then decided that we liked the food enough to write some things about it whenever we ate it. Quick warning, neither of us are professionals at anything in our lives, and this includes such things as writing, photography, or food criticism, and we don’t pretend to be. It’s really just two people who know as little about food as the next guy, typing up some stuff about food on the Internet.

Since then we’ve done a bit more travelling and now call Vancouver home. Why Vancouver you ask? Well here’s our thought process:

  • people are as nice here as they are in Australia
  • we can snowboard here
  • I really like chips and gravy

So yep, very compelling reasons I’m sure you agree.

Generally the blog is written in some sort of pseudo position where it’s never clear who is actually talking. This is kind on purpose because it would kind of suck to say “Hey guys, Lily here! I thought blah” and the posts are long enough as it is. With that in mind, we end up just talking like some massive fatty that manages to scoff down food enough for two people.

One thing we do try to uphold is some appreciation for the restaurants we visit and the chefs that toil away to make our food. There’s enough episodes of Kitchen Nightmares out there to know that it’s a fairly hard job and we really don’t want to be unfair to those pressures that they feel every night. While this might seem disingenuous to some, the blog isn’t really designed to be a ‘review’ site, because we feel we aren’t really in a position to opine on food and have people actually listen to it. This blog is essentially just trying to share our experiences at a place and show what kind of food is available and if you like how it looks and how it sounds, then maybe you’ll give it a try yourself.

It’s probably worthwhile breaking down both Lily and Ouk since 1. Every other blog has a life story element to it and, well it seems like something that should be done, and 2. We are as wildly different as possible when it comes to food preferences and taste, so it should give a good window into why we say the things that we do.


Lily was the main driver for the blog and takes all the photos. You could say she kind of does everything, and you’d be somewhat right. She grew up in Sydney and comes from a Vietnamese background. Every time the blog talks about someone’s mum making some Vietnamese dish, it’s probably Lily talking. With that in mind though, she tends to be really picky about Vietnamese food, probably to a point where it gets a bit annoying to hear about.

Lily is a pescatarian, which means vegetarian with the exception of seafood (which to me, kind of defeats the purpose but whatever). She loves a good Japanese place (something she’ll mention constantly), enjoys a nice breakfast that involves quinoa, green juices or kale and anything from a food truck or mason cup. Pretty hipster if you ask me. Her motto is ‘eat dessert first’ and loves a good ice cream, pastry or anything else sweet (except chocolate).


  • Japanese food
  • anything sweet except chocolate for some reason
  • anything that looks hipster and is presented nicely


Ouk is the guy who wrote this about section! Yeah! Anyway, I write most of the content and take none of the pictures, but I do stuff on Instagram sometimes. As far as food preferences go, I love eating anything that had parents (i.e. meat) and I’m not particularly fond of seafood (even though it costs more and is ‘fancier’), I have no sweet tooth, and can’t understand why a pad thai has honey in it.

I love a scummy dive. I don’t necessarily need it to be scummy, the scum is optional, but it’s just got to be real. I think that while the nicer places have cool bikes on the wall, the stuff I care about is in the kitchens. Some of the best meals I’ve ever had have been from Chinese joints where they openly microwave food and all the staff are sitting on one of the tables just eating.


  • anything meaty
  • anything greasy
  • potatoes
  • anything scummy

So I guess you can see, between us we cover quite a few different opinions. Most other blogs seem to finish with some sort of inspirational quote at the end of their about sections, so um… go get em tiger.

Oh, I should mention, if you would like to contact us about anything at all, please email Lily. This is because I really don’t want to deal with anything like that. She can though.

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