Lee’s Donuts, Granville Island


So Lily and I had recently moved to Vancouver and were looking for some fun stuff to do. We love markets and found out that Granville Island host a permeant market that is on every day, so we schlepped out onto the tiny ferry (it was awesome) and made our way to the market!

What we found was honestly one of the cooler markets that we have ever been to. It felt like the entire island was dedicated to this market and inside there was a fantastic selection of every hipster market item you could ever dream of! In any case, we were feeling a bit peckish and saw the very unassuming Lee’s Donuts over in the corner and being in a position where we sorely missed Krispy Kreme (the best donuts ever in our opinion) we decided to give it a try.



Lee’s are famed for their honey dipped donuts ($1.90 each, $13.75 for a dozen), which we honestly weren’t very excited about. We weren’t looking for a matcha infused raspberry topped maple kale donut or anything, but honey just seemed so pedestrian.

Oh how terribly wrong we were.

Honey dipped donuts are amazing! The one thing that I rate a donut on is how fluffy it is inside and these are lighter and airier than any donut I’ve ever had. In contrast, the crust is lovingly crispy and when biting into it, there’s a slight crunch, with bits of hardened honey dropping off.

The best thing about these is that they aren’t too rich, the honey flavour is sweet, but not sweet enough where I can’t eat 6 of them at once. In hindsight, maybe that’s a negative point.



You can see how excited I was about these things! I didn’t expect these donuts to be as good as they were and I definitely didn’t expect to have a new favourite donut ever. Look at me! That’s the face of a guy who’s had probably a bit too many donuts, excited about eating yet another donut! This could be you! Imagine the possibilities!

Lee’s Donuts

Address: 1689 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9

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